If You Enjoy Minecraft, You Will Enjoy These Games Too


This game is supported on mobile devices and is sure to please all who have fallen in love with the immense legroom provided by Minecraft’s endless sandbox of customizable mayhem. The Windows Phone does not have a particularly high amount of titles in the genre, making Survivalcraft a highly complimented option for the iOS and Android format.Survival Craft

There is little to nothing explained in the ways of a plot or motivation for the game, which ultimately pays respect to what any game like Minecraft stands for: creativity. You make the story, you make the struggle, you survive, and you have a ball in the process. 

Cube World

Cube World

Of all the sandbox elements and fatally immersive qualities to be found in Minecraft, if there is one thing that can be said to stand out about the title above all things, it’s the blocks. With a name like Cube World, which some people may use as a playful epithet for the game it is inspired by, the actual title is anything but a joke when it comes to features and playability.

The game is filled with RPG goodness and a randomly generated environment that constantly hurls an unpredictable plethora of challenges at the player as they trek into the blocky unknown.  

CastleMiner Z


CastleMinter continues to carry the torch of block-riddled escapism that sits atop the Olympic mountain carved from Minecraft’s influence. The game puts one in the position of fighting for their very survival against a horde of zombies, armed with nothing more than creativity and an endless supply of resources; the zombies’ fight is hideously unfair.

The game takes place from an FPS perspective, but still has the feel of a true sandbox title. With a price tag of only one dollar, all but the cheapest flash game enthusiasts have an opportunity to try out CasteMiner Z.

Block Fortress

Block Fortress

Block Fortress can be seen an extension of Minecraft that’s riddled with scorch marks from lasers and bullet holes created by a sea of semi-automatic machine gun fire. The game combines the trigger-happy FPS art with the culture of tower defense gameplay, leaving the player to fill the role of both a gun-toting berserker and level-minded survivalist.

It’s available on the iOS platform, and for those who unsure whether or not it’s up their alley, a “lite” edition is available that can serve as a sort of sample for the entire smoking product. 

Haven and Earth 

For those who value both appreciate Minecraft and the massively multiplayer role playing game culture (or simply enjoy getting to yell at strangers and insult their immediate family with no consequences), then Haven and Earth just may be what they’ve always wanted. The player is set into a world in which they begin in the expanse of total wilderness, with nothing to their name but some rusty tools and pocket full of dreams.

A more striking aspect of the game is the fact that once something dies, it’s gone for good. The sandbox quality is brought to the next level by making the expiration of things just as impactful as their creation, giving a serious sense of power to the player.

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