Make Money While Playing Video Games

The video game industry is growing at a rapid pace. Last year Chicago Tribune published an article predicting the growth rate of the video game industry, it stated that video games will become a 64 billion dollar industry by the end of 2012. As a matter of fact the industry experienced a better growth rate than that, and billions of dollars are pumped in to game development and testing.

Some of the other important stats published in that article about the video game industry:

  • An average household in the US owns at least one game console, smartphone or pc with games.
  • Nearly 49% of U.S. households own a video game console.
  • The average age of a gamer is 30.
  • The male to female ratio is close to 1:1
  • The average age of a person buying a video game is 35
  • 46% of gamers will purchase a new console in 2012.

To cater to such a huge demand, video game developers are hiring a lot of people and there are several new video game developers getting in to the market. There is a huge need for beta testers, as these companies need beta testers to test their games before launching them in the market. Due to this demand for beta testers there is a huge earning opportunity for homemakers and unemployed moms (around 47% of all gamers are women).

This kind of testing opportunities are not just for expert gamers, as the game will be bought by everyone right from a beginner to an expert; so even if you are new to gaming you can avail these opportunities. There are several websites (middle men) that try to exploit this opportunity by not paying the testers and are asking them to pay a fee for signing up, offer poor customer support and so on. If you want to avail these opportunities then make sure to do your research before signing up. Once you start testing, you will get a lot more opportunities (depending on the kind of reports you give about bugs and issues).

People who choose to pursue this kind of extra income can also focus on making money via online surveys. There are several market research companies that will pay you for your opinions. Homemakers and stay at home moms can opt for this additional stream of income along with testing video games. Just like the former, there are several scam websites out there; do a proper research before signing up in websites offering online surveys for money. There can be nothing better than earning for voicing our opinions and for playing video games.

Gamer Guru is a gaming fanatic with a vast gaming industry knowledge. He loves old as well as the latest console games (Strategy games are his favorite).