Modern Audio Jobs

Audio is now more important than ever.  As devices become smaller and smaller, sound quality must squeeze through smaller and smaller speakers.  Albums are now being mastered for iTunes and going straight to mp3. We are bombarded with images on giant screens and without sound, they loose the impact.  Audio jobs span everything from composer to sound design as well as mixing and programming audio.  Schools are starting to cater to the growing audio industry and offer students a way to learn the ropes.

Do you have an interest in audio?  If so, it’s important to learn the basic fundamentals before starting an engineering career.  Todays audio jobs range from freelance to full time and pay ranges from non-paid internships to six figures.  The game industry is where the most innovation is happening.  Consumers demand games that deliver serious entertainment.  Without great sound, they fail in the home and on the marketplace.  A great audio director can help lift a product to greatness!

The TV, Film and Radio industries are also great places for a career.  They are very established and breaking in can happen with plenty of networking.  These entertainment sectors are also way for fun than working in say, accounting or IT.  You really need to decide if it’s for you though, since many will be fighting to break in and competition is fierce.  Use your passions to decide and never look back!  There is a ancient chinese saying “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your whole life”  Follow this advice, and you’re sure to find a deep happiness in daily work activities.

Video jobs are also a nice doorway into audio internships.  Get started right away and gather as much experience as possible.  This method can have you sweeping floors, but that’s how many famous audio producers started out.  Be a sponge and soak up as much learning as possible!

Gamer Guru is a gaming fanatic with a vast gaming industry knowledge. He loves old as well as the latest console games (Strategy games are his favorite).