Technology That Businesses Should Be Exploiting

As technology advances more and more businesses are having to adapt to the latest state of the art PDQ machines for accepting credit card payments and card processing technology is evolving to be very sophisticated. The reason why advances are being made to credit card machine technology is because consumers wish to have the most convenient experience when shopping and they do not want to be waiting in endless queues.

Another reason why credit card terminals have been advancing is because security needs to be enhanced to protect against credit card fraud, older methods of accepting card payments were simply too vulnerable and were often bypassed by cloned cards or forged signatures. No longer do customers need to sign for verification and neither do those the magnetic stripe on their card get swiped in the United Kingdom because there is a new technique were an electronic chip is present on the card and a pin number is entered as verification.

Even though the systems for processing payments are more high tech the devices are becoming smaller and more streamlined, for example you can choose between 3 main types of credit card machine including the mobile terminal which is small enough to carry when traveling and fits in the palm of your hand.  The great thing about the new machines is that they are very fast contacting the merchant bank to authorise a transaction and they also operate on the same data networks as the mobile phone providers, so as long as you are in a location where coverage from the likes of ‘O2’ or ‘Orange’ is you will be able to handle transactions from customers.

As you might also know it is not only credit and debit cards that can be used to make payments but there are now cards with contact-less capability or mobile phones with NFC ability where they can be waved in front of a card reader to acknowledge payment quickly for small items like coffee or anything under a maximum price of £20. Whatever type of business you operate there will be a model of PDQ machine to enhance your business, remember that having the latest facilities will make both you and your customers lives easier and will set a good impression encouraging repeated sales.

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