What SAP means in Marketing

It’s obvious that not all people understand exactly what SAP means. Probably you have heard of SAP as an important solution to small businesses but how it works remains a big obstacle. Or maybe you have been wondering what SAP stands for leave alone what is means. Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing are what SAP stands for. Now may be you have a rough sketch in your mind on what SAP is all about. As a software company, SAP has developed Customer Relationship Management software, which assists businesses to manage their marketing through proper planning and execution.

Not only do SAP manufacture marketing software programs, but also non marketing ones which help to manage supplies, human capital and finances.

SAPTo start with, it is essential you get the basic background about SAP. In the year 1972, five former employees of IBM in Germany founded the company. Specifically situated in Walldorf, SAP by the year 2011 had developed quite a number of desktop, mobile and cloud computing software programs. By the same year, the company had hit over 173000 customers globally and established 50 branches in the world. With 54,000 employees the multibillion company earned itself over 13 billion Euros in the year 2010.

The market software, CRM is made to assist businesses to manage and control their resources from one stop location.

The software is characterized by a calendar personalized in a way that lets companies keep track of their marketing as well enable the analyst study and compare the performance of given campaigns over a specified period of time. Through the same software, you can monitor you customers who are loyal and those who promote their brands in order to reward them. It allows personalization of future communication since it keeps history of customers.

There are however other cloud computing companies apart from SAP. Salesforce.com is one of them, which is the main competitor in the market. This company, which has always accused SAP of lacking creativity and innovation, also claims that SAP do not use its own technology. Perhaps this is a marketing strategy the company employs in order to shake SAP’s market share. However critical analysis on SAP’s software actually shows that it is Microsoft Excels based. The claims may be true but all we know is that SAP’s solutions speak for themselves, and this is an observation that has been made through experience. In the year 2006, the Chief Executive Officer of Saleforce.com claimed that no matter what SAP could never defeat his company because it lacks the skills of innovations despite the fact that it has huge resources to make use of.

SAP despite the criticism however is a threat to any company dealing in the same line of service. With over 80,000 clients in 2011 in both small and medium businesses, it still remains a force to beat. SAP’s software makes marketing more effective, collaborative and efficient by turning leads into sales equipping the sales and marketing departments of any company to maintain sales of their products

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