Anti-Used Game protection in Next-Gen Xbox

Next Generation XBOX
It is widely rumored that the next-generation Xbox may limit the kind of games that a users is allowed to play. Industry experts say that the Xbox 360’s successor will have a feature to establish anti-used-game enforcement. They however did not go deep in to how exactly this will work. The console might completely reject any form of used-games.

Even in the current generation of consoles online passes are used to stave off used-game sales. Any publisher would with to have a protective mechanism in place to limit what used buyers can access despite strong opposition from the gaming community. On the other hand publishers insists that the death of used games is going to happen sooner rather than later. Microsoft Xbox’s move is considered as the first step towards this direction (Though passes serve the similar purpose). Xbox is looking at creating protective mechanism that is integrated into their consoles.

Technical experts say that the future of buying games will be completely digital, but for time being the Discs will be around but will become more like a PC game where one-time keys are necessary for playing the game (just like software keys for PCs), so one game can be played only in one machine.

Xbox 3 in addition to this feature might also use Bluray disc as the primiary format for playing games. This will allow HD games that requires higher memory. However all these things are mere speculations and we will know for sure only when Microsoft officially makes a press release. However a console which prevents any form of used-games might not attract the vast majority of the gaming community.

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