Feature Rich Keylogger Software

Keylogging, technically called as Keystroke logging, is the process of recording the data entered via the keyboard in a computer. It is usually done in a covert way so that the user is unaware of the fact that they are being monitored. Keylogging has several legitimate uses, it is very relevant today with the growing concern around Internet usage. The three major beneficiaries of keylogger software are

  1. Parents who want to monitor their children’s computer and internet usage. Every day, 60,000 pedophiles target children via the internet to establish friendship that could lead to a face to face encounter.
  2. Partners and spouses who are concerned about their counter-parts.
  3. Employers who want to tract the internet usage of employees. This will help the employers to know if the employees are using the internet too much for browsing during the working hours. This can help in preventing computer misuse within the office.

With a good Windows keylogger software you can choose to record all computer activities and store the information in a secret folder. A good keylogger software will send the recorded logs as emails to you. You will be able to check the logs and captured data even at a later point of time from a different location and from a different computer. The regular computer user will be completely unaware of the keylogger software as it will not be visible as a desktop icon or it cannot be seen as a running task (process).

All in One Keylogger – Review:

One of the best keylogger software that is available in the market today is the All In One Keylogger. You can Download Keylogger Software (a trial version) for freeDeveloped by Relytec it is one of the most powerful keylogger softwares in the market.

Keylogger Software

  • It can record all the applications that are running in the computer, and also the text typed in these applications. Along with the screenshots you will have complete information about your computer usage.
  • Complete web logging. Every internet usage, be it chatting, surfing (complete history) or downloads will be recorded. This feature is very useful for parents monitoring their kid’s internet usage.
  • Every event related to the computer is logged; events such Chat, screenshots, microphone, printer and files & directory changes.
  • The idle time is also monitored, and this is a valuable tool for an employer to remotely monitor’s and employee’s actual working time.
  • Monitoring and logging is one part of the software, the other part is reporting the activities to you. It creates complete html reports for later viewing. This software can send you all the information to your remote location via email, upload via ftp, LAN access. If you don’t want it to be send via these methods then you can use a USB drive to save the information.
  • You can have a set of keywords, and you can configure the software to send you the log if those keywords are typed.
  • You can disable certain software from being loaded. You can also stop monitoring a particular application.
  • You can make it 100% invisible. You can hide the folder and configure it not to be listed in the Task Manager, windows task bar, system tray, msconfig, start menu and even uninstall list.
  • Unlike most keylogger software this is available for all the windows versions like 98, Me, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista Windows 7 and Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit).


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