FunEasyLearn Mobile App – Easy Way to Learn English

It goes without saying that English language is the window to the world. Many youngsters and professionals feel that if they could learn English better then they could achieve so much more. Some of the reasons preventing most people from learning English are the hassles associated with joining a course or buying expensive books.

Improving English Vocabulary

Vocabulary is very important when learning a language. Most established languages, including English, have millions of words. However a recent study proves that there are only around 800 words that you must know in English to converse freely. It is also proven that even native English speakers do not know most of the English words. If you want to learn English quickly then you have to work on the basic vocabulary: especially the list of words that are most frequently used.

The single biggest problem faced by people while learning English vocabulary is their tendency to forget what they have learned. This is more prominent among people who try to learn English through books. This is where a top mobile app company like FunEasyLearn helps you to learn English vocabulary in a scientific and easy way.

FunEasyLearn – ‘Learn English 6000 Words’ App

Research on children as well as adults proves that learning is more effective when there are associated visual aids. With seven fun games and an entertaining methodology to learn English, this app stands head and shoulders above the rest. As mentioned before in the article, mastering just 800 words can help you in conversing freely in English, however this app has over 6300 words, selected based on the frequency of usage. These words are accompanied with images and pronunciation recordings. This scientifically designed app is one of the easiest way to master the basic English language quickly. Download this app today to learn english in a fun way.

Some of the salient features of this app are:

  • You can learn English on the go, while walking or travelling.
  • You don’t need a 3G, 4G, wi-fi or any internet connection to use the app.
  • It has over 6300 words with associated images.
  • The vocabulary is divided in to 15 themes, and 140 sub-themes. This will help you to recall the words easily.
  • Vocabulary is translated in to 20 prominent languages. You can also set you preferred language while using the app.
  • Learn in an entertaining manner with 7 different games.
  • You can also set the app to choose a random topic and game.
  • There are three levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

In addition to all these features, this app is completely free, so make use of this app to master the English language and to succeed in your career.

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