Latest iPad Rumors and News Roundup: Features, Release Date, and More

Apple is at it again!  This systematically secretive society is keeping us guessing about the new release dates and features of their impending iPad Products.  The iPad is the second most financially successful product line for Apple, so they are taking no unnecessary risks by releasing too early.  Unlike other leading computer design firms, Apple is determined to keep its reputation intact and to maintain their global dominance in the tablet marketplace. Some tech-heads estimate that iPads are purchased and utilized an average of 4 times more than all other leading competitors combined.  Apple plans to keep it that way!

The Apple iPad 5 and the iPad Mini 2

The “confirmed” information from Apple regarding the releases of these potentially new devices is completely non-existent.  But this never stops us internet geeks from speculating.  The current most popular rumor of the day is that the smaller iPad 5 will go into production at the end of July 2013 with a following release date of September.  This, coincidentally, is when the rumor mill expects the next upgraded iPhone to be released as well.  Then, the iPad mini 2 is anticipated somewhere between October and December of 2013, a very wide time range to be sure.

The Rogue Rumors

A less popular, but widely discussed, rumor states that all of these devices, the iPad 5, iPad mini 2, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 (or iPhone Mini?) will all be released in early September.  This seems highly unlikely by most Apple enthusiasts, but this story is running rampant across the internet, initially reported by International Business Times reporter Kristin Dia Mariano.  Most believe that Apple will not want to overload the stores and confuse the customers, let alone the sales people, by releasing everything all at once.

Will it or Won’t it?

Online chatter is divided when it comes to the hopes and dreams of the iPad mini 2 having Retina screens.  Many reports are saying that Apple has gone to Samsung, asking for their expertise in manufacturing these Retina displays.  Other reports are claiming that the hidden iOS 7 code utilizes the same A6 processor that you will find in the current iPhone 5, but contains no new references to a dual-resolution upgrade.  If this is true, then the new iPad mini will NOT have Retina display feature after all.

Who can be sure of what is next from the Apple Conglomerate?  Even though many online techno-geeks have very strong opinions on the subject, they can’t all be right!  We’ll just have to wait and see what Apple has in store for us. For more information and tips about iPads visit iPad help & tips.

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