A New Era of Technology and Fashion

We are now in the age where fashion and technology are both being combined together. Researchers and innovators are working on developing new forms of clothing that seamlessly integrate with your electronic devices. As you know many people have developed such an attachment with their electronics that they do not go anywhere without them. For example for most people, they cannot even step out of their homes without having their cell phone in hand.

What the future holds for fashion is not yet known but articles have appeared on the web of handbags which actually act talk back to you and remind you of certain tasks. There are also reports of clothing which charges cell phones through body movements. As microchips get smaller a new world of fashion awaits us.  There have also been rumors of apple working on an iwatch which acts similarly to a phone. Over the past few years, fashion designers have capitalized and profited from the implementation of lights into clothing. This ended up being extremely popular in clubs and demand soared.

Milano Desires a fashion company, watches for these developing trends and innovates products based on the technologies available in the market.   Currently they are focusing on manufacturing replica handbags and soon will release a bag that has a blue tooth chip to connect to your cell phone. It will even have a feature so that you can change the colour depending on what your dress looks like.

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