Factors to Consider While Choosing a VPN for Gaming

VPN or Virtual Private Network is used to enable a computer/IP to send and receive data in a secure way just like a private network. This is usually done by creating something similar to an encrypted tunnel. Since it is encrypted, others will not be able to intercept the data and hence the privacy is protected. One of the biggest misconception among internet users about VPN is, they consider it to be something illegal. Privacy is the right of everyone and it is never illegal. What someone does behind a VPN is based on their discretion, but using a VPN is legal and currently with the astronomical amounts of identity thefts online, it is important for every active internet user.

Virtual Private Network is all the more important for a gamer who plays a lot of online interactive games (especially web based). The common issues with using a Virtual Private Network for gaming is the increase in gaming ( or internet ) latency, higher ping time and increased packet losses. It is important for the proxy servers to have the right optimization, keeping gamers’ usage in mind.

There are some minor issues with using a VPN for playing multi-player games. Whenever the game searches for other players on the network, it sends out UDP broadcast packets, these packets are not supposed to travel over VPN. So sometimes you will never see other players in LAN lobby. However if the game provides an option to connect via the internet, then you can still play the multi-player game without compromising on your privacy.

Features to Look Out:

In addition to secure gaming experience VPN provides a lot of other benefits. However you need to opt for the right VPN provider, and to do that you should check out these factors.

  • Good Customer Service – Check out if the customer service has good technical knowledge and are available round the clock. Check out if they provide chat support.
  • The Up Time – Check out if the VPN is reliable, there is no point in opting for a VPN if it disconnects frequently.
  • Connection Speed & Bandwidth – The connection speed of a VPN is just as important as that of your internet speed. Also make sure to opt for a connection which provides unlimited bandwidth.
  • Server Location – Server location is also important because opting for a connection that has servers in a different continent is not a wise idea.
  • No Contracts – Always opt for a provider who provides you with minimum set up time and without any contracts

So opt for a good provider who provides good security, unlimited bandwidth, high speeds, servers in different continents (like EU, United States) all this without any contracts. There are some good providers like netignition.com and you can set up a VPN with a matter of few hours.

Enjoy a secure online experience even while gaming.

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