Games Based on Instagram

Instagram has been used by millions of users as well as businesses. Businesses use it for reputation management and mobile traffic while regular users use it for entertainment and showing off their pictures. Now Instagram is being used by gamers. There are two instagram based games that are becoming quite popular.

The first is InstaPLAYr; it is the first Instagrambased game that allows you to share your Instagram images in a fun way. The game has virtual money and one can buy their favorite pictures. If other users buy your images and add them to their collection then you become rich. The objective is to become the richest player of InstaPLAYr.

Instagram Based GamesThe other game is Match-A-Gram. Match-A-Gram is an image matching game, that is based on Instagram. The images that you need to match are grabbed from Instagram. Instagram hastags are used to start the game (you will be required to provide the hashtags). Match-A-Gram will pull the latest instagram images based on the hashtag and will create a board. The player then should match the similar images by flipping them. This is a simple puzzle game which requires no registration or a fee. Though you don’t need to have an instagram account, having one will help you to showcase your achievements.

The time and number of flips played by you are tracked for the final score.

Increasing Instagram Popularity:

It doesn’t matter if you are a user or a business, your popularity in instagram purely depends on your follower count and the likes that you get for your images. Even to succeed in games like InstaPLAYr you need good number of followers, so that they can buy and add your images to their collection.

The simplest way to increase your follower count is by adding great images to your account. There are other methods to increase your follower count, you can do so by following others expecting them to follow you back. You can also increase your follower count by being active in your account by liking and commenting on other images. However if you find these things difficult and time consuming then there is an easy option; you can buy the services of companies that can help you increase your follower count. There are a few affordable and trusted serivce providers from whom you can buy instagram followers. Like I said before the key to instagram popularity is your follower count.

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