What is the Happili Virus and What Does it do to My System?

The happili virus is a redirect virus which re-directs your internet searches you do (Via search enginees such as google) to sites which try to sell you something or even have keylogger software installed on them which will try to steal your credit card details. Please note the happili virus infects all browsers such as IE, Firefox, Crome, Netscape and so on

The happili virus can be used as a door step virus, this means this virus can be used to infect your system with other viruses. So as soon as you know you are infected with the happili virus removal make sure you try to remove this virus asap.

Removing the happili virus is very easy when you know how. The virus holds certain locks on to system files which makes removing the virus almost impossible, So what we need to do is drop these links and then run a virus scan. Download a program called TSSKILLER and run it on your system. This program will automatically drop the links the virus has on the system files. Then when that program has finished running run a full virus scan of your system and make sure to remove all threats found.

When the scan has run reboot your system and perform a full scan of your system again. Fingers crossed it wont find anything in this scan. How that has finished run windows update and install all the latest service packs and hotfixes available for your system. This can help your system from getting re-infected in the future.

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