Aftermath PvP – A Top Strategy Combat Game For iOS

Start building armies from five unique races and explore this amazing world.

About The Developers:

Aftermath is a tactical combat game, built by a few genius gamers, who wanted to build a game they always dreamed of. So, it is definitely not one of those regular games built by developers and shoved in to your devices by marketing blitzkrieg. The developers spent years, spending all their money and sacrificing a great deal of things to bring this amazing game to the AppStore.

They took help from gamers around the world to design Aftermath, so that it would appeal to all gamers. Right from the first version, they were continuously helped by gamers who played the game to make it better and efficient. Now after a year, this game is truly a master piece, and it can be safely said that, Aftermath is a game developed by gamers for gamers.

About The Game:

Aftermath is a high paced tactical game, where there is no single strategy that always wins. It starts with 5 campaigns, and beating all the 5 campaigns will earn you 5 distinct races of units to play with. The key to exceling in this game to think on your feet and continuously adapt to your opponent’s strategy.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying that this game is perfect, however this game has all the ingredients to get you hooked. Even after spending considerable amount of time it would feel like you just scratched the surface, as there is so much to explore. The aftermath community is vibrant and interactive, and you can share your ideas and opinions to developers. I can assure you that you would be heard.

The Characters:

There are 5 races: elves, magi, dwarves, angels and demons, and there are around 7 characters in every race. The characters are beautifully designed. Check some of the characters below.











The game is available only for iOS devices at the moment. You can check more about the game, the developers and the community at You can download the game here Download link. You can contact them through

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