An Overview of Konami’s Suikoden Series

The Playstation console has been around many years now and up to date, the gaming console has been dominated by video game titles like Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, and Tekken  among others. While these games are indeed iconic and of first-class, there are some series that are not so popular but deserve to be among the ranks of this legendary game franchise. And one of these must play games is Konami’s Suikoden series. Today, there are five Suikoden titles for the Playstation console and also a tactics game. So if you haven’t really heard of this awesome series, then here’s a brief overview on why this underrated series deserves a spotlight:

Storyline and Characters

As the protagonist or “hero” as it is called in the Suikoden series, you usually control a young kid born into a state marred by war and political conflicts. Slowly as the game progresses, the conflict gets better and you become the leader of one of the armies. While going on through the story line, you collect allies or 108 Stars of Destiny (SOD) as it is called in the game. It’s almost like reading a history of war and conflict but through a video game. What’s interesting is how despite these large numbers of characters, a number of them are well-developed and play great roles in the story plot. Each series has at least a memorable character with interesting conflict with the hero. In Suikoden I, there is Ted and the deadly Soul Eater rune. In the second one, there is Jowy’s betrayal. The third of the series also highlights betrayal of a former ally in Suikoden II—Luc. In the fourth installment  there is a great character transformation of your best friend Snowe. In the fifth, this time it’s the hero’s aunt that commits disloyalty. As you can see, the common theme throughout is friendship, loyalty, and family.

Mini games and strategy skills

From Suikoden I to Suikoden V, your goal to complete the story’s “good ending” is achieved by collecting the 108 SOD’s. Throughout the game series, you always have castles as bases (except for IV where you have a ship as a base) where your recruited characters are sheltered. This is where game play usually takes a bulk. There are plenty of mini games inside your castle that keep you occupied for hours. Your castles house some of the players who can provide you with mini games like Ritapon (similar to mahjong) and Chinchirorin (a game of dice). In fact, most of the mini games are patterned after card games like poker. Your castle feels like a casino filled with plenty of strategy games too. Not only that, there are also plenty of events in the main story that require strategy, tactics, and quick thinking. In fact, plenty of these games require the same skill you need to ace poker. There is even a game in the fifth Suikoden that requires you to guess whether the character is bluffing or not. This game would probably be well-loved by poker enthusiasts who enjoy creative tactics and strategic wit. This strategic thinking employed in poker may be also be applied when battling bosses with rune affinities in the game’s story. So like a game of poker, if you play your cards right, you will always find a way to win.

Gamer Guru is a gaming fanatic with a vast gaming industry knowledge. He loves old as well as the latest console games (Strategy games are his favorite).