Be a Part of The Minecraft Cult

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of this decade, having been around since 2009, it is not like most games in the market. Most games of this genre are linear, but you can create complex designs using Minecraft. What makes this game as one of the cult classics is that this is an indie game and was made without a big budget. The makers also did not spend a great deal on marketing campaigns. Yet this game became an instant hit because it could strike a chord with the majority of the gaming community.

As of today, the game has sold over 14 million copies on PC and over 35 million copies across all platforms. Within 24 hours of its launch for the Xbox 360 it became profitable, it broke all the Xbox records with 400,000 active players online. Minecraft became the most purchased Xbox game in 2012. It is not just the PC and the Xbox version, the popularity for the newly released “Minecraft: PS3 Edition” is also a huge hit too. The PlayStation 3 version of Minecraft sold one million copies in less than 35 days. When compared with all the PS3 games released in 2013, Minecraft finished at the third place according to the official U.S. Playstation blog. It could have finished as the top game for PS3 as well had it been released earlier. The pocket edition of Minecraft is also a huge hit with over 7 million in sales.

Another reason for the cult following is the freedom given to the players to create a wide variety of user-generated content for Minecraft. We can create several user-generated content such as modifications (popularly called as mods), maps and textures. Even if you don’t know how to create it, you can download it from the internet. Some of the most popular mods are gameplay changes, new blocks, creative items, different mobs and other mechanisms. Mojang also recently announced an an official modding API to make the process easier.

Unlike some other video games this has the support of the parenting community, as it is more creative and not violent like other games. It also promotes team spirit (multi-player game). The gamers are so addicted to this wonderful game that this game has become a part of their lives. Lego and Minecraft came together to release a set called as “Micro World. It is created around the game’s default player and a Creeper. This set and other Minecraft merchandise is sold online through several vendors and within a short time the total merchandise sales crossed the million dollar mark. Minecraft Gear, such as clothing, foam pickaxes, Micro World set and toys of creatures in the game are sold around the world by some of the most reputed online retail stores. You can now easily be a part of this minecraft cult buy opting for these merchandise.

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