Temple Run Oz – Overview

Temple Run Oz

Disney’s Mobile Game division and Imangi Studios launched a new Temple Run based on Oz this Tuesday. Temple Run Oz is Built using Imangi’s Temple Run 2 platform. This game takes the players on a magical journey around the yellow brick road with a great deal of new and exciting features. This game is a must have for every temple run fanatic.

This is the second time Disney is having a tie up with Imangi Studios, last year they had a tie-up and produced the game Temple Run Brave.

Temple Run Brave was built on top of Temple Run’s first version platform, whereas Temple Run OZ will be built upon the new platform.

“The timing here for Temple Run Oz is awesome,” says Bart Decrem GM of Disney Mobile Games. “A couple weeks after Temple Run 2 here comes a game that speaks to awesome childhood moments – the yellow brick road and the world of Oz.”

In the game the players play the role of the Great and Powerful Oz. Rest of the concepts remain the same as Temple Run. The area the game stands out is the graphics, they are stunning and has extra characters like flying monkeys, exotic plants, and a magical world.

The players can fly using the hot air balloons or use the walkway where there are several obstacles that appear. The trill and the degree of surprise if far higher in this game than any other version of Temple Run.

Temple Run Oz is available for both iOS and Android from Apple’s App Store and Google Play respectively. You can get them here Apple App Store or Android

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