Online Hangman for Kids

Hangman is a very popular game and is played by children and adults alike. It is normally a pencil & paper game played by 2 or more people, in which the player should find a word or a phrase with limited number of wrong guesses. Usually this game is narrowed down based on a category. The usually opted categories are movies, movie stars, places, countries, games and sports; however you can choose any category of your liking.

Hangman might not be as popular as a regular video game, but it still remains as one of those games which is loved by children and adults alike.

Hangman for Children’s Development.

As morbid as it may seem, hangman provides numerous educational benefits for the kids. Top researchers agree that Hangman can be recommended for children, as it improves their vocabulary skills. This game helps the kids in guessing the consonants by checking the placement of the vowels. Playing Hangman not only increases children’s vocabulary, but also primes them to identify difficult word patterns and spelling quirks. These patterns and quirks are hard to teach unless they come up in context. This game will also allow them to easily put this information to correct use in the right situations. In addition to all these benefits, it is fun and entertaining.

You can improve your child’s logical skills in addition to their vocabulary by proper planning. You can choose a theme and select words that follow a particular pattern. It is better to start of with a theme which is easy and interesting to your child.

With computers replacing pen and paper in most homes and classrooms, it is easier now to incorporate this game in children’s study routine. In addition to that the electronic versions (software or web) have more visual effects and exciting sounds. They can be as entertaining as they are constructive. It is a simple and free method to relieve stress and provide healthy relaxation for kids. Since your child can play the game online there is no need for a partner, you can choose a theme for your kid to play. There are some trusted websites which are safe like They offer several variations of the game to make it more interesting. Some of the variations that they offer are

  • Highscore Hangman
  • Word Scramble
  • Word Search
  • Chain Letters
  • Classic Hangman
  • Word Grid
  • Bouncing Letters
  • Hangaroo
  • Clueless Crossword
  • Word Scramble 2
  • Word Search 2
  • Extreme Hangman

The ideal time for children to play hangman is before dinner or after homework.

Playing Strategy:

You can tech your kids on how to make an educated guess. Almost all the words have vowels in them except for a few words like my, sky, fly, why and so on (these words have ‘y’ for the ‘i’ sound) so it is better to guess the vowels. Among all the vowels E is the most used so choosing it first is wiser. Among all the consonants T is the most widely used. Teaching these simple strategies can help your kid become a better player.

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