Retro-Gaming And The Classic Pong Game

Like many kids of 80s and 90s I grew up playing those classic video games. Among all those games Pong is one of the earliest game that I played. It was released by Atari in the year 1972. This game is considered as the first video game to meet with commercial success. This game provided the launch pad for many successful games later.

For those who don’t know what Pong is, it is a simple two player (or a single player with computer being the other player) game showing a 2-d topographical view of a table. The original pong had very simple graphics, the paddles (that appear as lines) can move up and down and should hit the ball which bounces back and forth between the two players.

Pong game launched as an arcade machine was such a huge success back then (in the 70s and well in to the 80s). Almost all the game consoles that were launched in the 80s had some variation of the Pong game. Several clones of this game were released by competing arcade companies for years. That made Atari to come up with sequels based on the original game. These sequels had several additional features and effects. Some of the variations are Pong doubles (a multi-player game), Quadrapong (played by 4 players), Breakout (a single player plays against a wall of bricks) and so on.

I used to love this game so much, that when I accidentally visited a website which had a pong game, I played the game for hours without sleeping. The website is Funzola Retro Games, in addition to the pong game Funzola has numerous other retro games belonging to all top genres like action, sports, fighting, puzzles and strategy.

Most gamers today were born well after these classical retro-games became obsolete. However if they start playing these retro games, they will still fall in love with them. Despite the lack of audio-visual effects these games still remain a favorite for millions.

Gamer Guru is a gaming fanatic with a vast gaming industry knowledge. He loves old as well as the latest console games (Strategy games are his favorite).